Abstract Flowers Framed Collage


A framed collage, modern art, abstract flowers.

I have used papers hand painted and printed on by myself, as well as the insides of old envelopes and there’s even a tiny piece of a map in there!

This is a framed piece of art.

Frame dimensions are 40 cm x 31 cm

Collage dimensions are 22 cm x 12 cm

The collage is ‘floating’ slightly off the mount and leaves a shadow. I like this as the edges of the collage are uneven; it is an important aspect of my work that edges are not always straight, and the piece of art not completely flat!

As this has been in various exhibitions, the frame has collected some slight marks as can be seen in the images.

Please note it has been photographed through the frame’s glass so there are a few reflections on the image.

Please contact me if you would like any more information.

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