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Kids Creative Art Workshops – Clay Animals
This lovely project was run over 2 weeks. The simple brief was to make a clay animal. As you can see below, everybody came up with something unique and just
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Spacefruit Kids Art Club – Abstract Art Dice Rolling Game
This was a fun game the children played which got quite wild! First of all we looked at some images of abstract art and talked about them and how you
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Kids Art Club Workshops – symmetry printing and 3-D beetles
Being inspired by the incredible patterns and forms of beetles, butterflies, moths and stick insects from around the world, the children started on making beautiful symmetry prints using acrylic paints
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Kids Art Workshops – papier mache cacti
For this project, we initially looked at the amazing wierd and wonderful sculptures by Chiaozza:  I also took in a selection of my own cacti and succulents for the
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Spacefruit Art Club Workshops
I’ve spent the past year running Art Clubs to mostly Key Stage 2 children in 2 of my local primary schools. It has been some of the most enjoyable and
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Rabbits and Cats in sell-out show!
After school my daughter comes home really exhausted and often she just wants to play bunnies by herself or with her friend from next door. Bunnies in this case being
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