Framed Modern Art Collage



A framed, ready to hang, unique one off abstract modern collage. Inspired by some of the shapes I see when listening to music.

I painted printed and drew on all the paper used in this collage.

Dimensions of the frame are 36 cm high x 23 cm wide.

Dimensions of the collage are 17 cm high x 5 cm wide.

I love the simplicity of the background lines with the marching and floating collage purple, burgundy, gold and grey coloured shapes over the top.

I see my collages as art objects not just images, so to celebrate the uneven surface and edges, it has been ‘floated’ above the mount.

It is in a quality hand made to size frame with glass.

As I have photographed it behind the glass you may be able to see reflections in my images.

I have done my best to match the colours on my screen as accurately as possible, but please remember that every moniter and screen is different.

Please contact me if you would like any more information.

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