Christmas bunting workshop – recycled aluminium

WHAT: Why not come along to this workshop to get yourself in a real Christmas festive mood at the start of the school Christmas school holidays. Make some handmade, recycled, upcycled festive bunting.

In this workshop, we will be designing and making some recycled aluminium bunting by embossing patterns onto pre cut shapes, using a selection of embossing tools along with recycled ones. You will string your finished shapes onto some festive string for you to hang up in your home.

This workshop is suitable for adults and children over 7. Any participating adults accompanying children will need to also purchase a place on the workshop. Word of warning, there will be sharp edges, so care needs to be taken!

WHERE: Newton Ferrers WI Hall, 4 Parsonage Road, Newton Ferrers, PL8 1AS

WHEN: Monday 18th December, 2023

WHO: children over 7, and adults

Summer workshops… making a cover for a little sketchbook

Really simple… print some paper with nice colours and patterns, cover a little sketchbook with it and make a little expanding envelope, stick it in, smile, and voila! Now you have a special book to record all your musings, doodling, stick momentoes into…

A veryveryvery quiet workshop as everybody was away on holidays (though when you live in Devon, you don’t REALLY need to go away anywhere on holiday!)

Summer workshops… butterfly symmetry printing

This was my busiest workshop of the summer… I’m not sure how many people came but it was BUUUUSY, lots dropping in throughout the morning, this was another one run with Bovey help hub. I didn’t manage to get photos of everybody’s work, but what I’ve got images of here is great

I did little demos of how to do symmetrical printing, showed them where all the sequins, glue and collage bits were, then left them to it… again i absolutely LOVE what the kids came up with… I hope all these beautiful works of art have pride of place brightening up their homes around Bovey Tracey.

Summer workshops… loom making and weaving

OK, so when I planned this session I hadn’t really thought through the noise that a room full of kids hammering nails into wooden blocks would make 😳

…. next time I’ll take earplugs 😆

BUT!!! Look at what they made! I’ve never had such a quiet, concentrated art club (after all the hammering) as this one, wow they worked sooo hard and the results are INCREDIBLE. First they painted their wooden blocks, then hammered in nails, strung up their wefts with wool, then got to work with weaving. I’m so impressed with how hard they worked on this one.

Summer Workshop – Funky aliens/party people/superheroes…

Just a few of the absolutely amazing creations that were made at Bovey Help Hub art workshop number 1 in the summer holidays. I just rocked up with some laser cut white cardboard body parts, some split pins and a whole heap of pens, pencils, sticky labels, collage papers, glue and more, and the kids got on with turning the blank white bits into wild characters. I absolutely loved doing this. I’m always so impressed with kids creativity and imagination when you give them art materials and the freedom to just do what they want, in a safe space.

Summer Holiday Workshops…

HOORAY! Booking is open for my summer holiday art workshops… they have all been added to my shop in the art workshops section. All the details are underneath the images on my website, but if you have any questions please just ask. The workshops are open to both children and adults. Children under 7 need to have an adult stay with them, unless it’s been agreed with me prior to arriving. This is partly to make sure they are able to complete the project independently. As it’s just me running the workshops, I’m unable to give a huge amount of one-to-one attention to younger children who may need extra help.

I very much look forward to welcoming you over the summer!

I have several DBS checks, public liability insurance and an up to date first aid certificate.

Parties Flier…

Prices starting at £120. Price varies depending on activity/number of children. Just get in touch to discuss further! 🙂


Great news, I am now offering Art Parties!

Perfect for children who don’t enjoy the huge noisy village hall parties and want something a bit different. They can make something to treasure. Activities can be discussed and tailored to suit needs.

Not just for children though, adults also enjoy a bit of creative fun and love to do something completely different from their daily life… Also great for staff ‘bonding’ days.

Fun Arty games, Clay, Printing, Collage and much, much more available.

For prices and to discuss ideas, just get in touch with me either via my contact form, or email

Spacefruit Kids Art Club – Abstract Art Dice Rolling Game

This was a fun game the children played which got quite wild!

First of all we looked at some images of abstract art and talked about them and how you could often see just what you wanted to see in them. Then I gave them all a flat blank card dice to decorate each side of with something different; such as their favourite colour, words, spots, zig zags, stars, weather, animals, eyes, wiggly lines….. etc…

After they’d turned their flat dice into 3D dice, they set to going wild with a variety of art materials – inks, paints, oil and chalk pastels, pencils, wax crayons, water sprayer… I also set a timer for them to spend 3 minutes on each dice roll. So the idea was that they rolled the dice, then got going on their paper for 3 minutes with whatever the dice rolled onto, with whatever art materials they fancied. The results were quite wonderful.

This is a game that my daughter also really loves playing at home; we have a huge piece of cardboard that we roll out to cover the floor to protect it from all the splatters that follow!!!

Pssssst by the way… this isn’t just for the kids! I’ve used this game to create some pictures of my own which I quite like!

Kids Art Club Workshops – symmetry printing and 3-D beetles

Being inspired by the incredible patterns and forms of beetles, butterflies, moths and stick insects from around the world, the children started on making beautiful symmetry prints using acrylic paints as well as drawing with oil pastels. They spent an entire session just playing with the paints, building up layers of textures and colours on A3, A4, A5 and A6 pieces of good quality thick art paper which would be strong enough for constructing but still easy enough to fold and cut. I don’t like to give kids rubbishy art materials just because they are young! I want them to feel that their artwork deserves quality ingredients.

On week 2 they cut their papers and constructed some amazing creatures, wild enough to rival nature! This demanded some real engineering skills and I was so impressed by how they all helped each other and shared their ideas around for making them 3-D. I had shown them a few ways to turn a flat surface into 3-D one but actually they invesnted their own ways too! Have a look at some of their creatures which wouldn’t look out of place in an undisturbed jungle…