Jenny Mendes

Jenny Mendes is an artist I came across when I first joined Etsy.

I absolutely LOVE her work. In a time when there is so much art being churned out by so many people in every media imaginable (or even unimaginable!) it’s so refreshing to find art which is so utterly unique; everything she produces is instantly recognizable as hers.

No more words, just take a look at these lovely pieces by Jenny Mendes.

Jenny Mendes - Ceramic Plate
Jenny Mendes – Ceramic Plate
Jenny Mendes - Mother and Child ceramic tile
Jenny Mendes – Mother and Child ceramic tile
Jenny Mendes - Giclee print - The Birdfeeder
Jenny Mendes – Giclee print – The Birdfeeder

























See more of her work here:

A productive day !

More mini collages this morning, then at lunchtime I remembered I was actually meant to be making earrings for a little shop in South Brent called

… so I started doing that but then got a bit more distracted and ended up making lots of new tiny stud earrings instead… so TOMORROW I’ll make the earrings I was meant to be making today!

Mini Collage from 27th January 2014 Mini Collage from 27th January 2014 Mini Collage from 27th January 2014 Some new tiny silver stud earrings

Collages and Broadway Project

I’m back in my studio today for the first time in weeks and it’s GREAT of course.

I cranked the heater up (it was colder inside than out!), crossed a load of stuff off my long long list of things to do, found some amazing music on the internet to listen to which inspired a couple of mini collages, there’s some lovely metallic ink on there but it doesn’t show up well in the photos :

IMG_6650 IMG_6649

Adult Wire Workshops


Just to let you know that I’m planning some exciting wire workshops for adults, by popular request, in 2014. These will be running mostly at Mad Hatters Studio in Plympton.

If you would like to be kept up to date about these, please email me at and I’ll let you know what’s happening and when.


Massive xylophone…..

Early this morning a small deer clattered over the road in front of me as I was out on a bike ride. The sound really stuck in my head.

Now listen to/watch this – I’m not interested by the smartphone at the end, but it’s amazing!

Sparkwell School Collage Christmas Card workshop – tomorrow!

I’m running another workshop at Sparkwell All Saints Primary School this coming Saturday 30th Nov from 10 – 12, again it’s totally FREE! This week we’ll be getting messy with paint (acrylic paint which doesn’t wash out of clothes so PLEASE wear your oldest kit & bring aprons!), painting paper to turn into fabulous, unique collage Christmas cards. On December 7th we’ll be turning old style clothes pegs into Christmas angels. Or pirates. Or snowmen, whatever takes your fancy!
BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL FOR BOTH WORKSHOPS either via me or the school. Please forward to anyone you think may be card clothes peg christmas angel

Crazy hair…

I thought I’d share some wire ladies that I’m taking to Crux Craft Fair this weekend. I’ve really enjoyed making these, and have some ideas for new ladies when I get the time…

Some of the ladies hair is made from scribbles of fishing line washed up on the beach. The coppery hair is made from some thin copper thread which was given to me by Jenny Ayrton who makes the most beautiful glass pieces. The copper thread is from something which gets dropped into the sea, I think to measure depth… I can’t quite remember the details now!

IMG_6036 IMG_6038 IMG_6040 IMG_6039 IMG_6054 IMG_6065 IMG_6077 IMG_6083 IMG_6093 IMG_6098 IMG_6113 IMG_6129 IMG_6147