Warm Red Orange Yellow Kinetic Mobile



This is a bold, dramatic, organic shaped, warm coloured mobile with pieces cut by hand from scrubbed out recycled plastic bottles. They are hung on stainless steel wire. The colours make me think of autumn days walking through bright maple trees.

It has 10 shapes in all made from graduating colours; reds, oranges, yellows, fading to peachy colours at the top.

I take my time to carefully combine the colours, this sometimes means weeks of having little groups of coloured bottles hanging around in my studio, being adjusted until I’m 100% happy with the combinations!

The bottles are donated to me by friends, relatives and generous hairdressers. I also find them on my local beaches in South Devon, U.K. where I regularly pick up as much plastic as I can find. I then spend time to cut them open and scrub them thoroughly clean before cutting them into the shape I want.

This mobile measures approximately 55 cm wide x 75 cm tall.

It spins and twirls in a gentle breeze, but please be aware it has no motor and it doesn’t move all by itself!

This is not a toy so please keep out of reach of children.

If you like this mobile but want it in different colours, please get in touch.

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