Umbrella Wire Sculpture



These people love dancing in the rain with their fine umbrellas!

These sculptures are made to order using nothing but pliers, my hands, wire and glass beads. The umbrella is 3D and the person is 2D. The umbrella has small glass beads hanging down from it… please choose from the options which colour you would like.
They are unique one off pieces of artwork which means there will never be two exactly the same. The wire drawing sticks into a hole in the wooden base (which is one of my furniture-maker husband’s off cuts!). I don’t glue the wire into the wood to make packaging and shipping easier – but it’s easy to just slot in on arrival.
I love adding personal touches and welcome making portrait commissions! They make a perfect gift for any occasion, but why not commission a special couple as a unique wedding gift!?

My Dad gave me my first pair of pliers when I was a child and I’ve not stopped fiddling about with tools ever since (nor collecting them!)
I love turning scenes from everyday life with my toddler as well as unlikely scenes from my head into wire drawings.

The dimensions of this little sculpture will be approximately 27 cm high, 12 cm wide and the base will be approximately 5 cm deep from front to back.

Please choose from the drop down colour options for the raindrops. I have in stock turquoise, clear and smoky grey.

If you have a scene that you would like recreated by me in wire, please just get in touch – I love making unique and special requests!

This listing is for ONE wire person with an umbrella.


3 in stock