Juggler Rollerskater Circus Clown



How can you not smile when you see this happy go lucky juggler!?
A juggling rollerskater!

He (I could also make it a she…) is a humerous addition to any home, an uplifting and joyful gift for any art lover.

I can make the juggling balls either out of upcycled plastic in almost any colour that you choose, or glass beads in similar colours to those shown.
The juggler with glass beads will take slightly longer as I have to order the beads from my glass bead maker friend.

Made by hand using nothing but pliers and my fingers from black coated copper wire in varying thicknesses, from 0.25 mm to 0.9 mm.

The wooden block will vary, depending on what I am able to source from my husband who makes them for me from off cuts from his green wood furniture business.

I put my initials in thin copper wire on the side or back of the wooden block as my signature.

I’ve been making things with wire for over 30 years and have developed my skill over this time.

This item is MADE TO ORDER so dimensions are not exact; each piece comes out differently because I am a human and not a machine 😀 It is impossible to exactly reproduce each item so of course your juggler will be completely unique, just like we all are.
If you would like your juggling balls to be certain colours, just send me a message.

(Approximate dimensions vary between 17 – 24 cm high, 15 – 18 cm wide.)

Thanks for looking!

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