Blue, Green and Turquoise Hanging Fan Mobile



This turquoise and green coloured kinetic mobile is so uplifting, cheerful and calming.

The colours are a variety of blues, greens, turquoise, white, with a tiny splash of pale purple.

The shapes are cut in a fan shape and each piece has 2 colours.

It moves smoothly in a gentle breeze (please note this mobile isn’t motorised so if the air is still, the mobile will be still)

I made it from plastic shampoo bottles donated to me by friends and bottles picked up from my local beaches in Devon and Cornwall in the south west of the U.K. I thoroughly scrub out the bottles before cutting into shapes and attaching to lightweight but strong stainless steel wire.

It’s dimensions are approximately 57 cm at its widest position x approximately 65 cm drop.

This is a one off mobile; if you wish to order it in a different colour scheme please get in touch.

This would look beautiful in a child’s nursery which they would never outgrow; a mobile to last them a lifetime. However please remember this is not a toy so keep out of reach of children.
It would also make a stunning art piece in a dining room or in a stairwell.

*the beautiful bowl is made by rampceramics

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