Happy New year !

More like Happy New several years as I see that my last blog post was in 2016… well, it’s been a busy time helping to grow my daughter and watch her blossom into a beautiful, crazy 5 and a half year old.

And looking back at the last wire work I put on here, so much has changed. It’s really interesting to see just how much it has grown and developed and I feel that its also gained strength and narrative.

Last year I gave myself the challenge of joining the Devon Guild of Craftsmen as an associate member, which I achieved in September (hooray!); it gave me real incentive to think carefully about what I was making and the stories behind it.

I’ve really loved seeing people’s reactions to my work recently, and it genuinely does seem to make people really happy and brings joy. So in this world of ‘stuff’ and the feeling that I’ve had lately of just contributing to it all and wondering where’s the justification in my making more dust collectors (!?), surely making people happy is a good justification. There really isn’t anything else I can do so I am stuck with making more stuff !

I’m just going to keep this brief with a few pictures of some of my favourite things that I’ve made this year. Let’s hope it’s not another 3 years til my next post on here.

A commission made for Christmas, something I’ve had in my head for ages…
An eco friendly mobile made from cleaned out shampoo bottles
A lady with autumnal golden oak leaves for hair on walnut wood block
Reach for the stars! Small copper wire ladders with paper additions.
The most mammoth piece I’ve made yet, almost a meter wide, it took more than a couple of weeks of solid work and a LOT of brain ache… my comfort zone is working miniature !

It would be lovely to hear your thoughts so please feel free to comment…

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