Symbiosis colouring book update…



Etsy shop bannerMy colouring book ‘Symbiosis’ is now available to buy from my Etsy shop for £12.50 plus P&P.

There are 16 A4 pages printed onto lovely quality smooth white paper. What a fabulous relaxing Christmas present to buy for someone! My first print run of 100 books is already running low so I’m feeling pretty proud.

Here are a few cropped images from inside for a sneaky peek.

symbiosis 7 - Crop (573x1024) symbiosis 3 - Crop (912x1024) symbiosis 11 - Crop (978x1024) symbiosis 10 - Crop (1024x827) symbiosis 8 cropped(1024x694) symbiosis 1 - Crop (999x1012)



Betsy Walton

Betsy Walton 22Every time I come across an artist whose work really speaks to me and when I do I just want to tell everybody about it! Of course, art is something very personal and not everybody appreciates the same thing – thank goodness – so I don’t expect you all to share my love of Betsy Walton’s work.

Why do I like it so much? Well I LOVE her vibrant use of colour! I think also I see patterns and shapes in her work which I also like to use a lot, so it feels like we speak in the same ‘words’. I feel that her work is very personal – I can’t imagine it being accidentally identified as being made by anybody else. That to me is very important in my own work. A lot of art I see I just don’t ‘get’ – I have absolutely no idea of what the artist was thinking or feeling when they did it – but with Betsy’s work I feel like I understand what she was feeling at the time when she produced it. Actually that sounds very presumptious. Maybe what I mean is that her work makes me feel something. Or that it speaks to me. Art is open to the viewer’s own interpretation.

Anyway, enough of words. It’s better to see her actual images, otherwise she might as well have just written it all down instead of painted it!

Betsy Walton 12 Betsy Walton 5 Betsy Walton 18 Betsy Walton 20 Betsy Walton 19

Here is a link to her WEBSITE



What do YOU do for colour?!

Hello hello, long time no write!

I’ve been busy busy busy over the past couple of months spending every spare second I have drawing my first colouring in book!

I’m REALLY excited about having it finished in time for Christmas… a perfect present for anyone who has joined in the colouring in craze. Here’s a peek at part of the cover…

My new, exciting colouring in book!

My new, exciting colouring in book!


I really have to thank all my followers on Facebook who have prodded me into doing this. It all stemmed from my ‘doodle-a-day’ project which was inspired by the lovely Emily Kidson who I met earlier this year. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for over 20 years but never had the confidence to. I’ve been overwhelmed by the amazing positive response I’ve had to it so far – and I haven’t even picked it up from the printers yet!

Please email me on for pre-orders. They will also be listed on my Etsy shop (re-opening asap especially!). I am picking the first batch up from the printers this week but it’s already becoming clear that I need to order more!

Here is a link to my latest newsletter where you can find details of all the shows I am taking part in on the run up to Christmas as well as details of my new wrapping paper.

Say HELLO if you see me 🙂