Playing with new ideas

I had a fun morning yesterday playing with some new ideas that have been floating about in my head for aaaaaaaages. A long time ago I started collecting the little round offcuts from my husband’s woodwork – apart from being lovely tactile shapes they have so many possibilities in my mind! Stacking blocks, oversized beads, stands for my work at shows, and plinths for little tiny works of art.

My 18 month old daughter is *obsessed* with balloons at the moment and I imagined her grabbing hold of one and floating off on a little adventure, and this is what I came up with:


IMG_3583 (768x1024)









I’ve also been playing with little wire 3D birds for a while but kept them hidden from everybody – but here is one I made yesterday:

IMG_3597 (768x1024)









Based on my favourite chicken at the moment, Great Aunt Eleanor (because she looks like a Victorian Great Aunt!) I forgot to give her any eyes, but as an experiment I think she works quite well!


I’m looking forward to making more of these and putting them into my Etsy shop asap.


Oh by the way – I made some lovely new mobiles which I’m ever so proud of, here is a picture of one:

IMG_3544 (1024x988)

Which is available to buy from my Etsy shop HERE







Now I’m off to have another look at the beautiful ‘Line Up’ which I went to see the other day and can highly recommend a visit to – but hurry up as it’s only on until March 6th.


Up-cycled and found objects, Pistachio Queen

Today I finally finished making my Pistachio Queen!pistachio queen f She is made from stainless steel wire, silver plated wire, enamelled copper wire, a champagne cork, a piece of rusty metal picked up from the side of a road, drift wood and lots of pistachio shells.pistachio queen e
pistachio queen dI started her about 6 years ago when I saved and painted some pistachio shells gold and turquoise, and finally this year I’ve been adding to her parts when I’ve had the odd hour here and there.

On 31st May 204 I am running a workshop on making little characters out of wire incorporating up-cycled and found objects; while there may not be time in 5 or 6 hours to make something as complicated as the Pistachio Queen, you could come away with your own inventive person to hang in your home. Here are a few things I would be bringing along to the workshop if I was attending. The bits and bobs include washers, scribbles of fishing line found on the beach (make great hair!) bits of smoothed glass, zip pulls, fir cones, an old glasses lens… the possibilities are endless! You could always bring along sentimental items like scraps of favourite fabrics, broken jewellery or even old photos. The sky is the limit! For more information, please go to the contact me page or comment below.bits & bobs

Summer nearly over already and OPEN STUDIOS!

It’s been a good old while since I last posted… life is VERY full.

I’ve been teaching Bikeability (road safety on bikes to Years 5 & 6) in South Devon; which is GREAT but it’s exhausting and doesn’t leave a lot of energy for much else!

I then had a few days off when I went to WOMAD at Charlton Park which I have to say was the best festival I’ve ever been to! Highlights included going on the big wheel which was part of the vintage fairground which was there… from the top we had an amaaaazing view of the whole site; the festival site flags were so beautiful they gave me internal butterflies! I sadly didn’t take a camera with me… Musical highlights were Portico Quartet – I’ve seen them twice now & both times they were incredible & unlike anything else I’ve ever heard. Kimmo Pohjonen was……. bizarre! Amazing! If you’ve allways wanted to see someone playing accordian as though they are locked in a spooky dungeon making tractor sounds then this is the guy for you! Patrick Wolf played a very beautiful & honest accoustic set. Dizraeli and the Small Gods with Bellatrix on beatbox were also fabulous. I’d never seen anyone doing beatboxing before – WOW!!! Hot Water a band from S Africa made us dance & dance…. I could go on and on!

Then I had to dash back home for a horrid operation on my knee which had me feeling totally rubbish for at least a couple of weeks when I would have like to be doing lots of artwork but instead had the Olympics on (which I mostly slept through!) … and before I knew it, Open Studios are almost here! I did manage to work on some new silver jewellery which will be having it’s first outing at these two Open Studios events.

SO. I’m taking part in TWO open Studios events – yes, I am MAD…

Here are the details:


8 – 23 Sept 11 – 6pm daily except Thursdays when open til 8pm, closed Mondays & Tuesdays.

That’s me & Peter Lanyon ( at our home in Sparkwell, Devon. Here is the link to the online brochure; we are on P.62, venue number 144. Let me know if you’d like a brochure posted out to you.


H-ART (Herefordshire art week)

8 – 16 Sept

Helen, Gilbert and Rebecca (that’s me!) Crawford, Rachel Padley and Claudia Petley.

The opening times and many more details are here:,-gilbert-and-rebecca-crawford,-rachel-padley-and-claudia-petley.aspx


That’s all the typing I can do for the rest of the day, I’m off for a well-earned swim in the lovely refreshing Devon sea while there’s a spot of rare sunshine.

Bye for now!







I’m taking part in the Present Makers 2011 Exhibition at the Thelma Hulber Gallery in Honiton, it runs from 26 November – 23 December.


Private view 26 November 3 – 5pm.


Thelma Hulbert Gallery

Elmfield House,

Dowell Street,


EX14  1LX

01404 45006