Look at this !!!!!

Wow! A friend of mine visited L.A. earlier on in the year & showed me some images of this place yesterday. They’ve totally jammed up lots of my head space since then. It’s a place called Watts Towers, in L.A., it was constructed by a man called Simon Rodia between 1921 & 1955. He built it all by himself out of steel & concrete, with no help & no scaffolding! The tallest tower is nearly 100 feet tall.

I love it so much. The shapes & colors & the doodley freeness of it really exites me. It’s like he’s drawn lines in the air with the steel & concrete, & coloured it in with ceramic fragments & glass. I absolutelly have to go there one day.
I hope that link works…

exhibitions & open studios

Hello all spacefruit fans.

A couple of things to mention.

Firstly a MASSIVE thankyou to everyone who came to my open studio. I met some really wonderful people & you were all so kind & said such loveley things about my work. I even sold some stuff!!!

Secondly, I have an exhibition at the Architechture Centre in Bristol throughout July & August. It’s nect door to the Arnolfini so if anybody’s over that way, pop in & have a look! It’s an exhibition of my recycled plastic jewellery, including some new bits & bobs.

& thirdly another date for your diaries, I’ll be taking part in the Hidden Art Cornwall design fair at Godolphin House near Helston over the August Bank Holiday. There will be loads of exiteing work for sale (just check out the hiddenart cornwall website to see for yourselves: www.hiddenartcornwall.co.uk)

oh… & I forgot…

the other day I drove to my studio rather than cycle & I took my camera with me. It was really foggy first thing in the morning but quite mystical & mysterious & magical. I decided to take a detour to the chimney I’m going to be ”smoking” as part of the ‘smokin’ chimneys’ thingy that’s going on down here at the end of June – a whole week of events & exhibitions to celebrate the history of Cornish mining. The ‘smokin’ chimneys’ part is where a whole load of chimneys at disused mines are going to have smoke come out of them (monday 30th june, 8 – 8:30pm) for the first time in years & years & years. If you go up Carn Brae you should be able to see it. Anyway. I’ve been assigned chimney number 7 – otherwise known as Pascoes mine – & I took a detour there on my way to my studio the other day. I took a load of photos (the internet connection’s not good enough right to now to post them so it’ll have to wait) & the abandoned, crumbling buildings looked more like castles than disused mines. It really struck something insode of me & I’d like to do some work about the place one day. I shall have to post the images at a later date though. After I get back form Ireland.

open studios, trees & stuff

Wow, the open studios Cornwall is now over, PHEW! It was totally exhausting but really positive, I met loads of great people & sold some work. I don’t get many chances to meet the people who actually buy my work as I sell most of it either via galleries or off my website.

A MASSIVE thankyou if you turned up at my studio over the past 9 days. It was a really positive experience & I got really good feedback on the new work I’ve been doing (not on my wewbsite). & now I’m looking foreward to my exhibition at the Architecture Centre in Bristol throughout July & August.

I just want to put up a picture of a tree I really love. I don’t know what it’s called but it’s a gorjeous colour & I love the round leaves. It’s in my landlord/lady’s garden in the wild bit outside my window. When I was a postlady there was one in particular in somebody’s garden that I delivered mail to that made my day, every day, throughout that really hot summer a couple of years back.

nice-tree.JPG& here are my mange-tous & poor blue who is still ill!