Private View & the day after

Well we all somehow managed to be ready just in time with milly-seconds to spare. It’s been a full on few weeks getting ready for last night & the next 9 (8 now) days but we did it! Hooray for us at Krowji.

The weather couldn’t have been much worse without us being in a hurricane zone, & it put some people off but not everybody, & the mulled wine flowed (yum) & the mice pies crumbled (mostly on my floor it seems!) & things were admired & bought… so it wasn’t all a disaster.

By the end of the night everyone had these slightly (or not so slightly come to think of it) insane looks in their eyes with the exhaustion. (& wine) But it was greeeeat & I’m sure we’ll do it all again in the nearish future.

Here’s a picture of my studio & also of a jolly jiggedy band that turned up in the foyer ( great word, foyer) this morning out of the blue to have a practice! There was a guy on a drum that seemed to make my whole room vibrate!

becky crawford studio

becky crawford studio detail

Jiggly band - I can’t remember their name…