There, that’s time whizzing by, faster than I can keep up with.

Lots going on.

An exhibition of the Artade artists at the Here & Now gallery, Killligrew street, Falmouth, on til 24th May as I remember.

Another Artade exhibition at the Joy gallery, 18 Southgate street, Chichester, on for a week Monday 18th May – Saturday 23rd May.

Apart from that, I’ve been busy making a dress for friends wedding next weekend, I made a simple halter neck dress out of some purplish linen & printed it (after making a stencil from paper) with fabric paints & then stitched over the top in silver. I took a photo but it’s not that good:

my bridesmaid dress

my bridesmaid dress

Here are some (also not very good!) photos of some recent canvases I’ve done:

Look at this !!!!!

Wow! A friend of mine visited L.A. earlier on in the year & showed me some images of this place yesterday. They’ve totally jammed up lots of my head space since then. It’s a place called Watts Towers, in L.A., it was constructed by a man called Simon Rodia between 1921 & 1955. He built it all by himself out of steel & concrete, with no help & no scaffolding! The tallest tower is nearly 100 feet tall.

I love it so much. The shapes & colors & the doodley freeness of it really exites me. It’s like he’s drawn lines in the air with the steel & concrete, & coloured it in with ceramic fragments & glass. I absolutelly have to go there one day.
I hope that link works…

oh… & I forgot…

the other day I drove to my studio rather than cycle & I took my camera with me. It was really foggy first thing in the morning but quite mystical & mysterious & magical. I decided to take a detour to the chimney I’m going to be ”smoking” as part of the ‘smokin’ chimneys’ thingy that’s going on down here at the end of June – a whole week of events & exhibitions to celebrate the history of Cornish mining. The ‘smokin’ chimneys’ part is where a whole load of chimneys at disused mines are going to have smoke come out of them (monday 30th june, 8 – 8:30pm) for the first time in years & years & years. If you go up Carn Brae you should be able to see it. Anyway. I’ve been assigned chimney number 7 – otherwise known as Pascoes mine – & I took a detour there on my way to my studio the other day. I took a load of photos (the internet connection’s not good enough right to now to post them so it’ll have to wait) & the abandoned, crumbling buildings looked more like castles than disused mines. It really struck something insode of me & I’d like to do some work about the place one day. I shall have to post the images at a later date though. After I get back form Ireland.