garden slug & snail art as pudding project

My first year in our garden is proving to be fruitful, we’ve been eating the most delicious mini cucumbers for a couple of weeks now, and our sugar snap peas are doing better than I could ever have imagined! The fennel are starting to swell up, I’ve just pulled up the first of the carrots & beetroot, & the sunflowers are opening one by one.

The slugs & snails are also enjoying themselves. I know they like to eat paper as well as my veg, so have decided to give them a bit of pudding to munch on after a good helping of greens, in the form of bits of my painted & doodled-on paper which go into the creation of my collages.

I thought that their chewing could make some interesting patterns, textures & holes!
So I’ve scattered a few bits of paper in strategic places around the garden & am waiting to see the results…