Doodle Pen-pal

I know I’ve posted this blog before, but I’m STILL looking!

I would love to find someone who would be interested in being my doodle pen-pal; the way I see it is it being like writing letters but replacing the letters with a doodle. It would be a kind of conversation in artwork. I think it could be a really fastinating project, with some interesting work to come out of it. I think having an exhibition showing the whole ‘conversation’ would be great – of course, this conversation could carry on for maybe years if we both enjoyed it & were inspired by each others work.

I imagine the work to be anything that you want it to be – a photograph, a few lines on a scrap of paper, a more substantial piece of work… but I do feel that its important that it’s a conversation, & that the work you post to the other person would be in some way a reaction to whatever they had last sent to you. Even adding to what they had sent you.

Is anyone out there interested? I really think it could be a very exciting thing to do so get in touch if you think you’d like to take part.

3 thoughts on “Doodle Pen-pal

  1. Hey Becky,

    How are you? I’ve been checking in on Kate’s Facebook and seen that you’ve been working hard with her getting the shop ready. It looks awesome.
    Sooo, just checked out your site and art work and am in love with so much of it! Your jewelry is fantastic – have you been ‘discovered’ yet?!!
    I’m here in Canada working away on an Interior Design degree and loving it. I would love to try out this pen-doodle thing. I need a creative distraction from my assignments. I’ve been pumping out tons of work so I don’t think I’d find it too hard to doodle some cool stuff. So, what d’ya say? Wanna doodle with me?

  2. Fancy seeing you here!!!! lol!!!! I was about to offer the very sameservice heheheee xxxxxxxx

  3. Hooray! I have found a doodle pen pal in Germany! Her name is Ines Seidel & I’m really loving it so far.

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