“It’s not what I expected!”

Home again home again after a packed busy weekend away doodling, partying & admiring beautiful Devonshire landscape.

My doodle at Sidcot Arts Center on Friday night went really well, I had a most beautiful space to doodle in. It’s a brand new building & I was doodling on the landing of an oval-shaped stairwell. To my left was a column of windows which changed colour as the sun went down, to my right were window-shaped sunshine-&-shadows of the trees outside (before the sun went down!) & in the middle was my long (not quite sure exactly how long but possisbly 3 meters…?) bit of paper to doodle on!

It was a fantastic experience & I met some really loveley people. I’am REALLY looking foreward to going back on October 10th (the national Big Draw Day) to finish off the doodle & do another one.

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