cats eyes & the things they open doors to…

Yesterday as I cycled to work I wizzed past a couple of cats eyes on the side of the road & I thought to meself ”tomorrow I shall cycle slowly along here & pick ’em up”. So today I did just that. but what I wasn’t expecting was for there to be a loveley proportioned silvery washer to be nustling up against the cats eyes (there were 4 in the end! oh lucky me) which I thought to be a real bonus.
BUT! the joy was not to end there.

As I cycled through Lanner I spyed another washer which I stopped & picked up. When I got to my studio & emptied out my bulging pocket I discovered that the 2 washers I’d picked up were IDENTICAL in their diameter & size of hole! Not only that but they are also both silvery, rather than the rustyness that most washers I find tend to be.

Now that really did make my day.

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