Private View & the day after

Well we all somehow managed to be ready just in time with milly-seconds to spare. It’s been a full on few weeks getting ready for last night & the next 9 (8 now) days but we did it! Hooray for us at Krowji.

The weather couldn’t have been much worse without us being in a hurricane zone, & it put some people off but not everybody, & the mulled wine flowed (yum) & the mice pies crumbled (mostly on my floor it seems!) & things were admired & bought… so it wasn’t all a disaster.

By the end of the night everyone had these slightly (or not so slightly come to think of it) insane looks in their eyes with the exhaustion. (& wine) But it was greeeeat & I’m sure we’ll do it all again in the nearish future.

Here’s a picture of my studio & also of a jolly jiggedy band that turned up in the foyer ( great word, foyer) this morning out of the blue to have a practice! There was a guy on a drum that seemed to make my whole room vibrate!

becky crawford studio

becky crawford studio detail

Jiggly band - I can’t remember their name…

2 thoughts on “Private View & the day after

  1. Sounds like loads of fun. All I can say is at least you were in a building during the storms I have spent the last two days running around inthe rain (you don’t notice that you’re wet after a while)chasing, 2 different father christmas’, su pollard, snow machines, unicycling overweight fairies in pink leotards, fire eaters, mayors, about 1000 children with lovely lanterns, and about 5000 people who all came to watch the xmas lights go onin Malvern and Tenbury. Wish it wouldn’t rain but very impressed that all those people still came out to enjoy the fun and games.

    Oh – and I managed to steal a van off our council which I have been enjoying driving around – I love vans – especially coz it had a lifty thing on the back so I could lift chairs and things into it.

    Yay!! Hugs Manda

    PS Did you really have mice pies? That’s not very nice I don’t think

    Having a chilled sunday.

  2. yes hmm very tasty, mice pies! Whats the difference between mice pies & fish pies? Coz they’re both loveley when they’re alive.
    Vans are very cool.
    I can’t wait to drive my new one but still waiting for insurance. (see how good i am?!)
    I like the sound of overweight fairies in pink leotards, any pics anywhere?

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